Residential Water Filter Systems

“Lab Pua is a specialized solution designed to address the treatment needs of the food and service industry, particularly in relation to the taste of coffee and equipment longevity.

When it comes to the taste of coffee, Lab Pua takes care of ensuring its quality by focusing on various factors. Coffee filters, for instance, play a crucial role in maintaining the flavor and aroma of brewed coffee. They effectively remove impurities and unwanted substances from the water, such as chlorine, sediment, and other contaminants that can impact the coffee’s taste. Lab Pua coffee filters are specifically designed to minimize these impurities, resulting in cleaner and better-tasting coffee.

In the classic gastronomy and catering industry, specialty coffees and consistently high-quality drinking water are considered some of the safest and most profitable revenue sources. In the case of specialty coffees, the significance of proper water supply goes beyond protecting barista-style coffee machines from limescale. It increasingly revolves around a key question that drives sales: How can proprietors ensure the best water quality to deliver the tastiest cup of coffee?

Water quality varies significantly from one location to another, and this variation has a substantial impact on both espresso quality and the performance of coffee machines. From a machine perspective, sediment can cause blockages in the group head injectors, flow meters, and solenoids, while also leading to excessive wear on water pumps and valves. Particularly for Australian cafes, the primary concern often lies in reducing total hardness (TH), which refers to the presence of magnesium and calcium salts in the water that form scale. Scale not only affects machine efficiency, with scaled elements consuming up to 40% more power, but it also prolongs machine start-up time, reduces machine recovery, and can eventually lead to complete blockages. Additionally, scale can hinder the proper functioning of sensors, such as the water level probe, causing the boiler to run dry or overfill. Moreover, chemicals like chlorine can have a negative impact on the taste of espresso, considering that espresso is primarily composed of water (98%).

Lab Pua has gained widespread adoption among the best coffee roasteries, specialty cafes, and restaurants in South Korea, cementing its reputation as a trusted solution provider in the industry.

Regarding the product itself, the Lab Pua MP series combines various technologies to deliver exceptional performance. The system incorporates High-Flow (HF), activated carbon filters, and sediment filters, effectively eliminating almost all contaminants, including chlorine, chemicals, and scale. It ensures a fresh drinking water source, capable of providing a flow rate of 450-550 liters per hour, making it perfectly suited for coffee machines.

Typically, Lab Pua coffee filter systems consist of a filter cartridge that fits into a compatible Lab Pua filter head. As water passes through the filter cartridge, it undergoes comprehensive filtration before reaching the coffee machine. These filters find extensive usage in commercial settings such as cafes, restaurants, and coffee shops, where maintaining the highest quality of coffee is of paramount importance.”


Provides pure, safe, filtered water, free of chlorine and harmful cysts.
Sediment, dirt, rust and other particles filtered down to 0.1 micron including Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts+.

No need for a separate filter tap.
This filter also has Incorporates Anti-scaling function that protect from all scale .
As filter has 8 Liters flow (17″)rate per minute.

Lab Pua water filters are tested and certified by TÜV SÜD, a leading international expert in providing testing and product certification. Manufactured totally free of BPA (Bisphenol A). Designed as a premium quality alternative for coffee machine filters. These filters are BPA free and certified by TÜV. Effective reduction of chlorine, heavy metals and other harmful contaminants.